EMI A.S. was established as one of the leaders in manufacture of electrical components and equipments in 1978. Since that time, we have steadily expanded our product range and quality standards. We operated in 1st Industrial Park and Izmir Atatürk Industrial Zone from 1992 to 2002,  5th Industrial Park in Bornova from 2002 to 2018. The manufacture has been continued our new factory in Izmir Menderes ITOB Organized Industrial Zone. 

EMI A.S. aims to produce high quality equipments and supply them just in time for the best prices for the clients.
Our certifications are;
TSE (Turkish Standard Institutions),

CESI Quality Standardization Certificates
KEMA Quality Standardization Certificates 
LVT Quality Standardization Certificates
The equipments and machines are produced with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Guarantee in EMI

Design and Production of
- Medium Voltage Indoor and Outdoor Disconnectors
- Medium Voltage Fuses
- Low Voltage and Double Throw Disconnecting Switches
- Low Voltage Load Disconnecting Switches
- Low Voltage Fuse Disconnecting Switches
- Earthing Plates
- Earthing Rods
- Earthing Bonds
- Faraday Cage
- Copper Connectors
- Lighting Fixtures
- Alpek Iron Equipments