Low Voltage Load Disconnecting Switches

EMİ low voltage load disconnecting switches are produced according to TS 565 EN 60129, IP 30 protection, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System and AC-22 class.Products are manufactured by using high quality and from durable materials. Products are suitable for electric companies’ specifications.
The distribution board can be easily disassembled thanks to cap nuts inserted through the switches on the board. The bodies of the switches are made from cadmium plated metal sheet for durability.
Components of the switches are made from electrolytic copper and electro silver plated to provide the best transition resistance. Due to the fact that on/off speed of the switch is not depending on the users, the switches should be switched on/off cautiously under electric load.

As moving contacts are designed as two parallel blades, they clean themselves when they work.
By using the special coil springs the resistance of contact transitions could be decreased to prevent heating of the switches for long lasting. The switching on-off capacity of is expanded safely with addition of new technologies.
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